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Tai Chi Chuan     Pa Kua Zhang     Hsing Yi Chuan



"Tai Chi Chuan is plain, yet rich;
Pa Kua Chuan is changeful yet subtle;
Hsing Yi Chuan is simple yet strong.
Tai Chi is calm as an old scholar;
Pa Kua is as bright as a youth of genius;
Hsing Yi is as confident as a learned scholar.
This is to speak symbolically -- one should not be trapped by the words."

"The excellence of Tai Chi is to be smooth, soft yet not weak;
to be continuous from the beginning to the end;
to be plain and calm without a bit of temper.
The excellence of Pa Kua is to be flexible yet well-balanced;
to be unpredictable; to be in great harmony without a bit of arrogance.
The excellence of Hsing Yi is to be strong yet not clumsy;
to be distinctive in motion;
to be serious in appearance without a bit of roughness."

-T.Y. Pang

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