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On November 4, 5 and 6, 2011 Grandmaster Pang will give a 3 day workshop for Tai Chi and Pa Kua in Amsterdam The Netherlands. This is an unique chance to practice with one of the few remaining masters from the old generation. This workshop will take place in the Liu He Men Kung Fu School.

Liu He Men Kung Fu School
Lizzy Ansinghstraat 88
1072 RD Amsterdam

This is probably the last time that Grandmaster Pang will come to the Netherlands for a workshop. For more information mail Henny Eleonora

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pa Kua Amsterdam November 2005
Workshop Amsterdam April 2007

Orcas Island Washington

Tai Chi School Summer Camp 2012    June 21 - June 26, 2012

The first annual Tai Chi School Summer Camp took place in 1976. This gathering has brought together students from all over the world every year without fail for the past 31, going on 32, years. Students practice together with Pang (as well as other teachers) and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful setting of the islands. The Tai Chi School Summer Camp has become very popular over the years. Many come yearly to intensify their practice, renew friendships, and gain inspiration. Regular daily practice during Camp helps people to let go of the stress and demands of their often hectic lives and return to themselves. Perhaps it is this liberating and rejuvenating experience that attracts so many to return year after year, or brings them back even after years of absence.

Due to the popularity of this camp it is advisable to register early if you are interested.

For more information mail Robert Fong

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Summer Camp 1981
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Summer Camp 1982
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Summer Camp 2002
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Mount Shasta, California

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Mt. Shasta 2007
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Mt. Shasta 2007

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